Monday, 25 July 2011

Paris Trip 2010

It has been a year that I went to Paris.. At first, it was four of us, but due to some reasons, we were down to three persons to go to Paris.. I was not prepared to go there since I was working at that moment and packing has been my biggest weakness whenever I plan to go somewhere... Eventually, the trip turned out to be a great one and we managed to survive in Paris with only knowing these three French words, 'Bonjour', 'Merci' and 'Au Revoir'...

Upon arriving in Paris, Noh and I did not know where we should be heading to, plus, the French (mostly) do not speak English.. It is because they are proud of their language and they think it is not necessary for them to learn English... Then, we went to the train station and luckily, the ticket seller spoke English very well.. We first headed to Eiffel Tower, most famously known and iconic building in Paris... It was awesome and there were lots of people queueing to get in there.. But we did not go in since the queue was so long until we could not find the end of the queue... If you want to go there, make sure you go at night because it was astoundingly amazing to watch it glimmering... 

Apart from Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, La Conciergerie are the must-go attractions in Paris... Another thing that is good was, we were lucky to have our hotel next to halal food restaurants... Overall, the trip was awesome and I really miss Paris so much now... 

One thing that caught my attention was, when we were in train in Paris, we saw a Muslim lady was reciting Koran... It astonished me to see her doing that... I was so impressed with her... May Allah bless her...

Here are the pictures :

Eiffel Tower~

The Louvre~

Hard Rock Cafe Paris~

Stadium where France won their World Cup in 1998~

p/s : I will be going to Paris again in this summer, this time with my family~


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