Monday, 24 October 2011

It's always be ARSENAL. Always~

It was once in a lifetime opportunity.. Yes it was.. Being one of the spectators at Emirates Stadium was my dream since I start supporting Arsenal.. I went to the stadum early because I did not want to miss every single moment watching Arsenal playing at home ground.. The feeling when I enter the stadium was undescribable.. I couldnt express it into words and I suppose my face in the pictures explained that..

It was a convincing win by Arsenal yesterday and I am glad to see them back on track in Barclays Premier League (used to be known as EPL years ago).. Robin Van Persie again became the saviour for Arsenal by his brace although he was on the pitch for only 20 minutes.. Well done RVP.. And Gervinho was absolutely outstanding as he scored one goal before half time and assisted two goals for RVP..

There were a lot of songs sang by the Arsenal fans in the stadium.. Some of them were for Aaron Ramsey, RVP, Arsenal songs.. There was also a song for referee whenever the ref made calls against Arsenal.. The song was like, 'You dont know what you're doing'... Another thing, whenever the opponent players fouled Arsenal players, they said, 'Off, off, off' which means asking for the ref to give red cards to the opposing team..

Overall, it was a great atmosphere in the stadium and I believe, if the fans continue to be like this, Arsenal will succeed to the very end of the league.. Here are some pictures taken :

Underground Station~

The outside crowd~

Loooonggg wayy from Canterbury~

Happy face~

Before the game~

The inside crowd~

Sorry Stoke~

Well done boys~

After the match~

p/s : Great experince, great support from fans, great atmosphere and great match.. Keep it up ARSENAL~

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bestfriends - Part 3

Kali ni gua nak cter pasal kawan baek gua lagi.. Kenal dari skola rendah, pastu terpisah time skola menengah n terjumpa blk time gua kat IPBA.. Masa tu die kat POLISAS Kuantan.. Die ni kecik je orgnye, dah 22 pn still kecik lagi.. Tapi skang dah besar sket la dari skola rendah.. Mungkin sbb die makan sayur kot..

Die ni mmg baek orgnye, sopan santun ckup, prihatin, caring and byk lagi la sifat mahmudah die.. Lepas jumpa die blk, masa tu kat friendster, gua semakin rapat ngan die.. Masa tu, kalaw gua cuti, mesti ajak die tgk wayang sama2, kluar makan same2, berbuka same2.. Tapi, sejak masing2 dh berpunya dulu, kteorg jarang dh kluar bersama.. Yela, hormat privacy masing2 kan..

Die ni agak garang laa.. Penah skali gua termencarut, (bukan sengaja, 'ter' kan), die mesti sound gua jangan mencarut.. Baek btul die.. Lepas tu, gua puasa mencarut depan die..

Kteorg byk share cter and kdg2 die la pemberi smgt kat gua utk buat itu, ini.. Really good friend of mine...

Weekend lepas telah berlangsungnya majlis pertunangan die.. Gua happy utk die wlupn gua tak dapat dtg.. And in case gua tak dpt dtg majlis kahwin taun depan, gua doakan semuanya berjalan lancar..


Semoga hubungan akan terus kekal hendaknya.. Tahniah Nurul Fazreen~

p/s : ni yg gua rasa nak bertunang jugak ni.. HAHA~

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A poem~


I remember how excited I was,
I remember the first time I reached here,
I remember the smell,
I remember I got lost in the middle of nowhere in Canterbury,
I remember the first time I started my university days,
I remember I remember.

I miss those moments,
I miss everything when I first came here,
I miss everything.
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